Your customer is our customer, so we must be an extension of your manufacturing process. We maintain flexible manufacturing schedules to provide a rapid response time for your demands, especially those last-minute needs.

Value Engineering

We will work with your engineers to ensure your parts meet your expectations for fit, form and function and that they can be machined in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Inventory Programs

We will work with you to understand your needs and desired quantities of the finished product based on an estimated annual usage. We will machine your product 100% complete and store it at our climate-controlled facility if needed. This will free up space at your location and ensure that your product will be shipped immediately after receiving a product order confirmation.


Packaging Programs

We can package your parts to meet your production floor requirements. Additionally, we’ll package and barcode label your parts to meet the material flow requirements on your plant floor, from the daily demands of a work cell to the monthly usage of an assembly line.